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Narayana Murthy's 70-Hour Workweek Remark Raises Concerns about Youth Heart Health

Narayana Murthy’s 70-Hour Workweek Remark Raises Concerns about Youth Heart Health

Amidst the recent uproar following Infosys founder Narayana Murthy’s suggestion of a 70-hour workweek for Indian youth to enhance overall productivity, Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy, a well-known Bengaluru-based cardiologist, took to social media to shed light on the potential long-term health implications of such grueling work hours.

Dr Krishnamurthy’s post, which gained significant traction on X (formerly Twitter), broke down the typical daily schedule of an average professional, emphasizing the immense toll that extended work hours can take on individuals. Highlighting the lack of time for crucial activities such as adequate sleep, personal care, socializing, and exercise, the cardiologist raised concerns about the possible surge in heart-related ailments among the younger generation.

“Not to mention companies expect people to answer emails and calls after work hours also. Then wonder why young people are getting Heartattacks?” his post read, encapsulating the mounting concerns surrounding the demanding work culture and its potential consequences on the well-being of employees.

Narayana Murthy's 70-Hour Workweek Remark Raises Concerns about Youth Heart Health

The response to Dr Krishnamurthy’s insights was diverse, with numerous users resonating with his concerns about the detrimental effects of prolonged work hours on mental and physical health. Some users agreed that the current work culture often fails to acknowledge the human toll of excessive work hours, leading to various complications, including stress-related issues, psychological strain, and strained interpersonal relationships.

Echoing the sentiments expressed by the cardiologist, another user emphasized the necessity for a transformation in work culture, advocating for reduced work hours, weekend offs, improved compensation, and regular skill enhancement opportunities for employees across various sectors.

As the conversation continued to gain traction, with individuals sharing their own experiences and perspectives, the dialogue around the importance of striking a balance between work and personal life in promoting overall well-being resonated with a wide audience. Dr Krishnamurthy’s post garnered significant attention, amassing over 888,000 views and 700,000 likes, highlighting the growing significance of addressing the health implications associated with demanding work schedules in today’s fast-paced professional landscape.

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